The birth of the Jersey Bearcats came from the mind-set of owners; AJ Roque and Jermaine Sanders to bring you THE JERSEY BEARCATS!!! A combination of coaching, playing, ownership and sports industry experience, we will look to bring an exciting, affordable and professional overall experience to the Metuchen and surrounding areas of these parts of New Jersey. Metuchen is the "Lair" of the Bearcats home and games. For more information on playing, coaching, internships or sponsorships, contact us @ Now, WE BRING YOU..THE JERSEY BEARCATS INAUGURAL SEASON!!! Thank you in advance for your support!!


Jermaine D. Sanders

CO-OWNER/Managing Partner

JERMAINE D. SANDERS is the co-founder, president and CEO of Jersey Bearcats Arena Football Team LLC, based out of Metuchen, NJ. Along with partner, A.J. Roque, they spearhead the team in various capacities. Sanders oversees the off-field activities such as; sponsorships, community partnerships with schools and non-profit organizations, team-fundraisers and media relations/social media. “One of our goals is to be firmly integrated within the community, says Sanders. Once we accomplish that, you will see a strong commitment and a great following, namely the Bearcat Nation.”

A lifelong football fan and one who is not a stranger to the ownership side of having sports franchises, Sanders still owns the semi-pro teams, Jersey Cynder for the men’s and co-owner of the NJ Titans women’s team as well. “I didn’t have a whole lot of success, but I learned quite a bit in the last 10 years by taking some time off and assessing what I needed to work on personally, mentally, financially and business wise,” said Sanders.

The first-year Bearcats are in good hands. They have a great mix of coaching, playing and business experience.

“When A.J. and I met and discussed some of the possibilities, I knew it was going to work, stated Sanders. You just get this feeling of a good mix with the old and the new, along with all the experience we have. It’s just a great fit.”

“My objective in buying part ownership with the BEARCATS is to help bring a championship to New Jersey."

COLLEGE: Sanders graduated from Monmouth University with a double-degree in Management and Marketing…During his 4-year’s there, Sanders played a key-role along with 27 other students in bringing a football program to Monmouth. In 1994, Sanders tore his ACL/MCL in a fraternity pick up football game and thus shattering his chances of ever playing in the Hawks inaugural season. “It was probably God’s way of saying, you’re here for an education and perhaps one day, you can combine your passion for sports and business,” said Sanders.

PERSONAL: Sanders and his wife, Alexandria, live in Northern NJ. Daughters, Bryana 23 and Imani 22, grandson, Double J.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS: Jersey Bearcats, NY Yankees, Chicago Bears, NY Jets, Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn (NJ) Nets, NJ Devils, Chicago Blackhawks, NY Red Bulls, Houston Dynamo



AJ Roque co-founder of the Jersey Bearcats

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